Monday, May 23, 2016

Violent Beatings.

                    Can you imagine being 6 years old and getting beaten by the person who you thought would never harm you. It just broke my heart, as I started to reach out to the school door and suddenly I here this Horrifying Scream behind me and at a far distance I see where the scream is coming from, a white trail blazer or at least that is what I think the vehicle was. I could see the car bobbing side to side and with it followed the screams, I was horrified just could not imagine someone ( a parent or a caregiver ) hitting an elementary child. I say an elementary child only because the next school that followed was an elementary school and the vehicle was coming out of that area. I felt so helpless. I could not really concentrate at the meeting and I even told the teachers before I left the meeting about what I had just seen. But they were just as surprised as I was. All I can think about is that scream and that someone was being hurt. If you are a parent or caregiver I just want to remind you that God gave you a gift, to care for and teach. Kids learn from you, everything you do and say and you might not think so but kids understand more then you know. Before you raise your hand to a child , think about your actions. Why are you doing it? What do you hope to accomplish? Sometimes you might just be hitting your child for the wrong reasons, sometimes you might be hitting your child and adding to that pain your anger for things that are going wrong in your life. You lose focus on the real reason and you end up leaving a child scared for life. Maybe not a physical scar, but an emotional scar. One that will last a life time, it is just not right.  There are so many ways to deal with wrong behaviors and violent beatings is not one of them, maybe in your time that is how they dealt with children, put wake up! you know it's wrong so why promote it? why defend it? why practice it on your children? STOP TODAY and LEARN A BETTER WAY.  

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