Monday, May 23, 2016

"I'm so Angry!"

Many people don't say it but they feel it and sometimes they even show it physically, or verbally someway somehow they try to let it out and sometimes the children or the elderly are the ones that get hurt. Keeping your feelings bottled up is not good because at some point you're going to turn into a bomb and you're going to explode on the wrong person. Someone that you probably care about could be your kids your parents your grandparents and no one  deserves  that kind of punishment from you because these are the people that care for you, that are constantly thinking about you,  worrying  for you and that have you in their hearts every single day so why would you want to hurt them verbally or physically? My suggestion to you is that you stop think and look for a way to be able to keep these negative feelings controlled, there are so many ways to do it. You can talk to someone, you can work manually with something and let your anger out in that way, maybe hit a pillow and scream in a private room where no one is seeing or is hearing you, maybe meditation can help you. the thing is there are different ways to let go of this anger maybe even writing a book about it, you know writing your feelings down on paper anything is better then hurting a loved one so, please I beg of you to think before you act. If you need someone to talk to you can write to me I am more than willing to read your notes and give you suggestions if that is what you would like if all you need is someone to listen to you I am there for you too thank you for reading. And remember think before you hurt someone.

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