Sunday, May 22, 2016

Saturday at the zoo.

Nice to actually go out with the family and have something new to see and enjoy. Half way through the park and everyone wanted to stop, they were tired and hungry. I was hoping everyone would wait till we went through the entire park and then we would go out to eat, but the sun was pounding hard on everyone and it was beginning to show.  One was thirsty,  the other tired, another hungry  and dizzy.  So we ended up eating in the park and it was not cheap,  but everyone got there energy back, and they were laughing and smiling again.  We only had two more areas to check out but it was not easy. Everyone walked slower and they were just wanting to go home, but with complaints and all we finish seeing the entire park and I drove back home. The drive was boring everyone fell asleep and I was left with the radio playing some very slow music that was trying to put me to sleep too. I actually had to speak out loud and start a conversation so I would not fall asleep  myself. And finally  having gotten home everyone found a corner of the house and went to sleep. So I called Marco's pizza  and made an order while everyone slept.  It was not what I had planned for dinner put being that they were all tuckered out , it was better then having to tell them that we were eating out. In all I can not complain it truly was a great day with the family.  We very rarely do things like this, so it is a very special moment for me and my son. This was the first time I have ever gotten to go out with my son to the park. I will never forget this moment, I am very thankful  for being able to work for the company that made it all possible.  Thank you  Accuform Sings. 

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