Monday, May 16, 2016


          There is nothing worse then being happy in a new place and finding that something was in need of fixing , so you tell the landlord the problem and he automatically accuses you of breaking it. That is the worst feeling of all, just knowing that you are living in a home that you have to pay rent and have to look at a dishonest persons face every single month. 
           That is what my good friend is having to go threw at this moment in time, I felt very mad and sad for him, because he is one of the honest persons you could ever deal with. It really hurts me to see him being treated like this, he was so happy with his place thinking nothing would go wrong and that he was in a good place to live. I can not seem to get it out of my heart and my mind, it bothers me to have to deal with dishonest people. Maybe I should make a hall of shame calling out all these losers that feel they could bully others, because that is pretty much what it is . At the end they lose Integrity and good client.      

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