Sunday, May 29, 2016

Been away for a bit.

Still somewhat lost but I guess it's now or never. The most important man in my life, my father. He has giving up so much for us,but this time wow....
He has but my brother and I on a path I  was never expecting to take. Opportunities like this come only ounce in a life time. So how could I say no to this. I'm all in and ready to except knowledge into my life. I admit it is alot to learn,  but I'm ready and willing to make this happen. Actually I'm looking for "birddogs" if you happen to be interested please let me know. I need contacts from all over I want to turn this opportunity into one I can travel and take my family with me to travel as well. What better way to live life then to work, play and help others along the way.  So have you guessed what I'm into?

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