Monday, May 23, 2016

A DOG to Remember.

There have been many dogs in my life. But not 1 dog can compare to my mini. Mini was a stray dog I remember being in the truck riding with my dad. When I looked far down the road I could see why that was a squirrel tied to log. The squirrel was dragging the log and got to the middle of the street at least I thought it was a squirrel. As we got closer I noticed it was a dog and I screamed out Daddy stop Daddy stop. And my father stop the truck and in a blink of an eye I was already out of the car and untangling the dog from the log. I remember my father putting his hands on his head and saying your mother is going to kill me. I picked up this stray dog and boy did she stink  but I didn't care. I took her into my arms and got right into the truck. My father looked at me and he knew I could not let the dog go. So as he rambled on about what Mom would say, how she did not want any more dogs in the house, I just kept on hugging  the dog and making sure it was okay. When we got home mom came out to the porch and the first thing she sees was the dog, she turned around and walked   back to the kitchen. I can hear mom and dad talking about the dog and how the dog could not sleep in the house that we had to make a dog house outside. I really didn't care because I knew Daddy would fix it. All I wanted to do was give the dog a bath give her some food and keep hugging her, just to let her know that she was OK and that she was loved and that I was going to protect her. The dog became very loyal, anyone that would raise their voice at me she would immediately show them her teeth, ready to bite if needed.  She was always around trying to protect me she loves me very much and I loved her very much too. I knew I wanted to name her Minnesota , I wanted a big name for her just to symbolize the amount of Love I felt for her. But after a while, I made it short for mini. Mani stood with me for 5 years she was a street dog so she like to be on the streets she would kill rats actually, she would kill Ducks to. I remember I had 6 ducks and they were all running around outside and every time I would go outside I see one dead?. Dad and I couldn't explain why my ducks were dying until I found out that Mini was killing them of course when I found out she was the one killing them, she had killed the last one. Butt unfortunately she also liked to kill rats and she got sick with hepatitis and she died. It was very painful to have lost her I cried for months I could feel her presence around the house, even doe I new she was gone.  Dad and I buried her under the fruit tree and she is still there. I will never forget her she was a very special dog and I love you very much.  It took me a long time to get over her, and still today I cry every time I talk about her. What about you? Did you ever have a dog or an animal that you loved very much and you still remember till this day if so leave a comment below I would love to hear about it.

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