Sunday, May 29, 2016

Been away for a bit.

Still somewhat lost but I guess it's now or never. The most important man in my life, my father. He has giving up so much for us,but this time wow....
He has but my brother and I on a path I  was never expecting to take. Opportunities like this come only ounce in a life time. So how could I say no to this. I'm all in and ready to except knowledge into my life. I admit it is alot to learn,  but I'm ready and willing to make this happen. Actually I'm looking for "birddogs" if you happen to be interested please let me know. I need contacts from all over I want to turn this opportunity into one I can travel and take my family with me to travel as well. What better way to live life then to work, play and help others along the way.  So have you guessed what I'm into?

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Computer where are you!

Need a Computer!
I mean , I need a computer not that I'm offering one.
My computers are pretty much just parts of old computers put together to make one, it does not have working parts and it sort of makes it hard to work with. Especially when you have homework.  My brother gave me a miniature one but it's supper slow, I can remember wait an hour to get started, and then when it's done, we'll there is always some kind of problem. Just got to have faith that things will get better. ...

Monday, May 23, 2016

A DOG to Remember.

There have been many dogs in my life. But not 1 dog can compare to my mini. Mini was a stray dog I remember being in the truck riding with my dad. When I looked far down the road I could see why that was a squirrel tied to log. The squirrel was dragging the log and got to the middle of the street at least I thought it was a squirrel. As we got closer I noticed it was a dog and I screamed out Daddy stop Daddy stop. And my father stop the truck and in a blink of an eye I was already out of the car and untangling the dog from the log. I remember my father putting his hands on his head and saying your mother is going to kill me. I picked up this stray dog and boy did she stink  but I didn't care. I took her into my arms and got right into the truck. My father looked at me and he knew I could not let the dog go. So as he rambled on about what Mom would say, how she did not want any more dogs in the house, I just kept on hugging  the dog and making sure it was okay. When we got home mom came out to the porch and the first thing she sees was the dog, she turned around and walked   back to the kitchen. I can hear mom and dad talking about the dog and how the dog could not sleep in the house that we had to make a dog house outside. I really didn't care because I knew Daddy would fix it. All I wanted to do was give the dog a bath give her some food and keep hugging her, just to let her know that she was OK and that she was loved and that I was going to protect her. The dog became very loyal, anyone that would raise their voice at me she would immediately show them her teeth, ready to bite if needed.  She was always around trying to protect me she loves me very much and I loved her very much too. I knew I wanted to name her Minnesota , I wanted a big name for her just to symbolize the amount of Love I felt for her. But after a while, I made it short for mini. Mani stood with me for 5 years she was a street dog so she like to be on the streets she would kill rats actually, she would kill Ducks to. I remember I had 6 ducks and they were all running around outside and every time I would go outside I see one dead?. Dad and I couldn't explain why my ducks were dying until I found out that Mini was killing them of course when I found out she was the one killing them, she had killed the last one. Butt unfortunately she also liked to kill rats and she got sick with hepatitis and she died. It was very painful to have lost her I cried for months I could feel her presence around the house, even doe I new she was gone.  Dad and I buried her under the fruit tree and she is still there. I will never forget her she was a very special dog and I love you very much.  It took me a long time to get over her, and still today I cry every time I talk about her. What about you? Did you ever have a dog or an animal that you loved very much and you still remember till this day if so leave a comment below I would love to hear about it.

"I'm so Angry!"

Many people don't say it but they feel it and sometimes they even show it physically, or verbally someway somehow they try to let it out and sometimes the children or the elderly are the ones that get hurt. Keeping your feelings bottled up is not good because at some point you're going to turn into a bomb and you're going to explode on the wrong person. Someone that you probably care about could be your kids your parents your grandparents and no one  deserves  that kind of punishment from you because these are the people that care for you, that are constantly thinking about you,  worrying  for you and that have you in their hearts every single day so why would you want to hurt them verbally or physically? My suggestion to you is that you stop think and look for a way to be able to keep these negative feelings controlled, there are so many ways to do it. You can talk to someone, you can work manually with something and let your anger out in that way, maybe hit a pillow and scream in a private room where no one is seeing or is hearing you, maybe meditation can help you. the thing is there are different ways to let go of this anger maybe even writing a book about it, you know writing your feelings down on paper anything is better then hurting a loved one so, please I beg of you to think before you act. If you need someone to talk to you can write to me I am more than willing to read your notes and give you suggestions if that is what you would like if all you need is someone to listen to you I am there for you too thank you for reading. And remember think before you hurt someone.

Violent Beatings.

                    Can you imagine being 6 years old and getting beaten by the person who you thought would never harm you. It just broke my heart, as I started to reach out to the school door and suddenly I here this Horrifying Scream behind me and at a far distance I see where the scream is coming from, a white trail blazer or at least that is what I think the vehicle was. I could see the car bobbing side to side and with it followed the screams, I was horrified just could not imagine someone ( a parent or a caregiver ) hitting an elementary child. I say an elementary child only because the next school that followed was an elementary school and the vehicle was coming out of that area. I felt so helpless. I could not really concentrate at the meeting and I even told the teachers before I left the meeting about what I had just seen. But they were just as surprised as I was. All I can think about is that scream and that someone was being hurt. If you are a parent or caregiver I just want to remind you that God gave you a gift, to care for and teach. Kids learn from you, everything you do and say and you might not think so but kids understand more then you know. Before you raise your hand to a child , think about your actions. Why are you doing it? What do you hope to accomplish? Sometimes you might just be hitting your child for the wrong reasons, sometimes you might be hitting your child and adding to that pain your anger for things that are going wrong in your life. You lose focus on the real reason and you end up leaving a child scared for life. Maybe not a physical scar, but an emotional scar. One that will last a life time, it is just not right.  There are so many ways to deal with wrong behaviors and violent beatings is not one of them, maybe in your time that is how they dealt with children, put wake up! you know it's wrong so why promote it? why defend it? why practice it on your children? STOP TODAY and LEARN A BETTER WAY.  

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Saturday at the zoo.

Nice to actually go out with the family and have something new to see and enjoy. Half way through the park and everyone wanted to stop, they were tired and hungry. I was hoping everyone would wait till we went through the entire park and then we would go out to eat, but the sun was pounding hard on everyone and it was beginning to show.  One was thirsty,  the other tired, another hungry  and dizzy.  So we ended up eating in the park and it was not cheap,  but everyone got there energy back, and they were laughing and smiling again.  We only had two more areas to check out but it was not easy. Everyone walked slower and they were just wanting to go home, but with complaints and all we finish seeing the entire park and I drove back home. The drive was boring everyone fell asleep and I was left with the radio playing some very slow music that was trying to put me to sleep too. I actually had to speak out loud and start a conversation so I would not fall asleep  myself. And finally  having gotten home everyone found a corner of the house and went to sleep. So I called Marco's pizza  and made an order while everyone slept.  It was not what I had planned for dinner put being that they were all tuckered out , it was better then having to tell them that we were eating out. In all I can not complain it truly was a great day with the family.  We very rarely do things like this, so it is a very special moment for me and my son. This was the first time I have ever gotten to go out with my son to the park. I will never forget this moment, I am very thankful  for being able to work for the company that made it all possible.  Thank you  Accuform Sings. 

Friday, May 20, 2016

Housekeeper and More!


Could not be more surprised , when  Mr John Murphy  gave me a folder of all the supervisor and the CEO giving  complements over my work. It was a trill to stop for a moment and read them. Made my heart sing, even doe I get many compliments from my Co-workers it was cool to see they were raving about my work on the computers. .. lol [Feeling Happy! ]

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Positive and Prospering

When you give it your all, and your surrounded by good people that appreciate your effort, dedication  and time. Good things are bound to happen. And boy I can not be more greatful, I am surrounded by so much wonderful and caring people. But it all started by me taking charge of my obligations and caring enough that it showed. And they noticed and reworded me nicely for my work.  If you want something bad enough I suggest you give it your all , care enough that it shows and never expect anything from anyone,  do what you do, because you truly love it. All will come on it's own time.

Spoke out today.

You know how sometimes you take on to many things at the same time and problems seem to just accumulate and accumulate and you feel like you're drowning on dry land yeah that's the feeling I had until I spoke out. I had a really big problem with my ex-husband slash still husband and who knows maybe ex husband again. Butt thanks to a friend who listen to me and heard my problems it allowed me to just let go of all those problems that I was holding inside me and allowed me to think more clearly, it might have seemed like nothing but it really changed the way I felt . I had felt like a brick was lifted and it allowed me to think more clearly about what I needed to do to get in a better situation. I'm thankful to have friends that listen, it allowed me to take the step to talk to my parents to help me start the process to solve my  problems , and it helped me to be in a better place spiritually and mentally . So if you ever have a problem,  consider talkiing to someone to speak about your problems.  So that you can just let it go, this help me and can   allow you to think more clearly even take advice if needed. I'm so glad I finally spoke up because it allowed me to move forward. And I hope this advice will help you do the same.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

I finally get to go !

Since I came to Florida I never had the opportunity to go to the Zoo. Today thanks to my work place I not only get to go to the zoo, I get to also take my family.  So Saturday we hit the road to Tampa Zoo. Needed something positive in my life. This feels nice! :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

You have to Move if you want it!

Hungry? Go to the kitchen and find something to eat. Need to go to your friends house, we'll go walking or get in your car to get there. It's  simple right? Or is it? What motivates you to get moving?  What triggers that means of taking action? Incredible but true, motivation is something that your mind ponders over, until something inside you say, "I want it!" So your brain commands your body to move, but how do you know that you want it? Aww! Because yours pondering mind has created images of you putting that item on using it, and suddenly you say "I want it". So know your body has been given a command. "GO GET IT!" just like you have been motivated to read this.  Have an Awesome day! :)

Did you know !

Did you know that when you post on FB, it's recommended that you post one or to post with plenty of time in between.  They say at least one post every hour minimum. Reason being is that it helps reach out to more viewers.  Who knew? I Know I didn't. 

I don't understand why can't we work together?

Got this crazy idea that I wanted  to help people make money and learn to become part of a better society of people. People that wanted better things for themselves and there family. But I come to realize that not everyone wants that. People actually prefer to work seven days a week, then to learn and except  a better way of life. Some people even thrive on being angry and miserable all the time. They worry and worry about bills and love to put others down. Instead of holding hands and listening and learning how freedom can be achieved.  They  prefer to stay stuck and act like  winners.  Well I feel for you notttt! You are stuck because you choose to be not because there is no way out. I want to create a chain of believer's and doers.  You have to want it so bad your willing to follow every step to make it happen.  If you are a believer and you want to achieve freedom . Comment  with "info. Please " and get on my list today.

Monday, May 16, 2016

A dogs life

Blogging on my cell

4:50 am ready , we'll almost ready for work. Woke up thinking of a problem that a friend had with his landlord. So I was up by 3:45 am. Feel sad, I can't help it,  depressed because everything seems to be going wrong. Let's see what the day brings. Talk to you later.... bye!


          There is nothing worse then being happy in a new place and finding that something was in need of fixing , so you tell the landlord the problem and he automatically accuses you of breaking it. That is the worst feeling of all, just knowing that you are living in a home that you have to pay rent and have to look at a dishonest persons face every single month. 
           That is what my good friend is having to go threw at this moment in time, I felt very mad and sad for him, because he is one of the honest persons you could ever deal with. It really hurts me to see him being treated like this, he was so happy with his place thinking nothing would go wrong and that he was in a good place to live. I can not seem to get it out of my heart and my mind, it bothers me to have to deal with dishonest people. Maybe I should make a hall of shame calling out all these losers that feel they could bully others, because that is pretty much what it is . At the end they lose Integrity and good client.