Thursday, January 28, 2016

Wow life is good no matter what goes on, life is perfect. I woke up at three o'clock in the morning got myself ready for work and sat down on the sofa waiting for four am to come around. Well it did, the alarm on the cell went off and I turned it off and kept on sleeping... then it went off again at 5am. My father opened his bedroom door and was presiding to go and wake me up that is until he noticed me on the I rushed to get the coffee ready only had 18 minutes to drink that coffee and head out the door. Uff!

Made it to work on time , had lots to do today. But I made it through the day, got home took a shower and out the door again to go pick up my son. Then we went to the house had something fast to eat and out the door we went again! This time to College, An event was going on there and Alex was going to have the opportunity to check out what high school and college had to offer. He loved it all of it! He said he wanted to take all the courses.. I know it sounds crazy but that is what he said.

After that we headed home and I got ready to go clean the office. the timing was great as we had arrived from the college at exactly the time I always leave to go clean the office. It did not take long but I was already starting to feel the tiredness of the day fall upon me. I was ready to head home and go to bed. but not without checking out FB and all my favorite things to do on the computer. ... lol It does not last long since I have to go to bed and get ready for work in the morning again! So that was my day short in one sense but hectic and long in another. Glad its over and I am glad I was able to shared this with you. Well good night and have a great rest.... bye!

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